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MH Stevens has been writing books for many years. Being an award winning, multi-published author of historical romances, she has turned her pen to one of her greatest passions. Horses. She was introduced to the world of horses after she published her first novel, Shadows of a Southern Moon by Meg Hennessy. Being a writer of history, she wanted authenticity and decided she needed to learn how to ride and how to care for horses. Arriving at her first lesson with a notebook in hand, she expected to learn how to be an equestrian in six easy lessons. That was ten years ago, she's still taking lessons, still learning, but loving every moment with these beautiful animals. The old adage, write what you know, took on a whole new meaning for Meg.

Now being the owner of three amazing horses, Corbeau (Zorro), Coral R (Corey), and a new addition, Rollingwoods Cowboy Up (Cowboy), she has combined her passion for horses with her love for storytelling creating the heartwarming tale of Noble Guardian, the first in the Noble Heights Series.


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Corbeau, affectionately called Zorro


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