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Find my latest news on my blog.

Riding out of the Ring!
In the story, Allison and James William take his show horses out of the arena for a trail ride but it doesn't go well for JW.

The Cars They Drove in 1962!
Hey, look at these cool cars! I've never been to a car show, but it was fun seeing these cars. In the book, Noble Guardian, placed in 1962, the characters drove cars just like these.

In the Story: 1960's Fashions
Oh the clothes they wore. Now, I grew up during this era. Most of what my characters wear; I had worn at one time or another. Check out these fashion plates on my blog and die with envy!

In the Story: Meet the real Noble Guardian
So I'm often asked as an author, where did the idea for the book come from? For most of my books, I can tell you exactly what set off the creative process that led to a finished novel. Noble Guardian is the exception to that rule. 

In the Story: Going to a horseshow
I was a late comer to the world of horses, but no matter when you join this prestigious club, you'll love it. There is nothing like getting ready for the horseshow. It is constant motion from packing up, to loading, to unloading. I found...

In the Story: Showtime
At a horseshow, all the barns have banners up, not only to identify themselves, but they also use the backdrop to hang ribbons.


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