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August 24, 2021: Well as everything, Covid has slowed some processes down. As my agent says, everything's still in play. In the meantime of waiting, I expanded the series to four books, and changed the name from Rosey's Hunter's Ridge to Noble Heights. This has generated a lot of interest, especially in the film media. I'm very excited about this project and will report as something breaks. 

February 2020: Another interested party in making Noble Guardian in to a film.

July 2019, New York
During a writing conference in New York, I met with my agent. She's in the process of arranging a meeting with the producers for the Morgan Chronicles in Los Angeles and Noble Guardian is in good hands having generated both movie and book interest.

March 2019 :Moving forward on Noble Guardian with my agent. And so the process of selling begins. Again patience is the name of the game. Hurry up and wait!

June 17, 2018: My agent loves Noble Guardian. Working on the sales pitch, the hook. I suck at this. Writing as MH Stevens (Meg Hennessy Stevens) for young adult, check out my other website: www.mhstevens.com

November 10, 2017:Noble Guardian, my first Young Adult manuscript. I went on a writer's retreat with a group of authors who are very dear friends. I had no idea what to write. I wasn't in the middle of any project. But two days before I was to leave, a story landed on my head and hung on until I wrote it. I got pictures of it flitting about my mind. I had no idea what the story was or how it would end, but I loved the young girl who presented herself to me. She loved horses and so do I. I couldn't go wrong.

Now the retreat is a story in itself. We rented a B&B for all of us and took over the house but this place was so incredibly spooky. Two of us had arrived the evening before everyone else was coming. We had asked the owner if there were any ghost stories. She said a few, but mainly in room 2. I was in room 8 and my friend was in room 6. So we thought we were cool.

The staircase was huge with about a dozen stairs to a large landing then another twenty stairs to the top where our rooms were. We got a little spooked while in the dimly lit parlor, I'll admit that. But when we reached the top of the stairs, we heard the sound of a man moaning. There was no one else on that floor. I froze, my friend froze. She came up to the top landing, both of us freaking out, then a light went on in this tiny hallway between our rooms. No one was there but the light went on and there was the door to room 2! Wow we freaked!

I couldn't sleep that night and felt so removed from reality that I crawled into bed still dressed and never brushed my teeth or took my contacts out. I woke up around two in the morning, feeling confused and disoriented.

That place was so cold we closed off the parlor doors and run the fireplace full blast to warm it up. But I wrote 12,000 words that weekend. I think it was that drop from reality, that feeling of suddenly disconnecting that helped me find out who my young character was, what she needed and why she struggled. I had no idea of where the story was going. I wrote as fast as I could just to find out. I finished Noble Guardian in thirty days! I couldn't stop writing until it was done. Thirty days and done. Of course then started the long, laborious, job of editing and rewrites. I told my agent, I had gone a different direction with my writing and be ready, I was sending her a Young Adult manuscript to read.


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